Tea: Brandy Oolong

An Oolong Tea from Octavia Tea

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Brand:Octavia Tea
Style:Oolong Tea
Region:Fujian, China
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Review of Brandy Oolong

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Wow. This tea is pretty exceptional...buttery smooth, but incredibly rich. The dominant notes are of dried fruit, like fig, date, or raisin. It does have a brandy-like quality. It lives up to the claim of "tremendously complex flavors" although I think it's the aroma that is most complex.

Flavor is bold, slightly sweet, and not very bitter, with only a faint tangy quality. Very easy drinking; although I can see this tea pleasing connoisseurs, I can also see it being very accessible to people who normally like tea sweetened, because it's so naturally smooth.

Using Octavia's recommendations, this tea comes out strong--I recommend using the whole amount of leaf recommended, and a brief steeping of 1 minute, then upping it slightly. Lasts easily through three infusions this way, and we brewed a fourth, which was a little weaker but still good. Alternatively you could use less leaf and a longer first steep.

Very good and one-of-a-kind. I've tried a lot of Fujian oolongs, and this is completely different from any of the others I've tried, it really stands out.

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