Review of Ginger Peach 100% White Tea

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I accidentally brewed this one near boiling, forgetting it was a white tea. I suspect this is why the first sip tasted a little bitter. I fixed this with just a bit of sugar, making it suddenly a near-perfect cup. I like this one even better than the ginger peach black tea! Also, this may be the first flavored white tea that I've truly enjoyed. Well done!

The peach flavor tastes natural and it blends well with the tea. The initial aroma was lovely. The second cup wasn't bad, but the fruit flavor almost completely dropped out of it, and there was a new herbaceousness that I didn't notice in the first cup. The biggest disappointment, though, is that there appears to be no loose leaf version of this one. I feel like full leaves would hold up better to multiple steepings.

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