Tea: Organic Black Tea

A Black Tea from Equal Exchange - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Equal Exchange
Style:Black Tea
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Review of Organic Black Tea

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Quite good for a flat tea bag.

Brews up a very dark, opaque liquor. Malty aroma, a lot like an Assam or Irish Breakfast blend. Bold flavor, moderate astringency but still smoother than average for a tea bag of this strength.

I only steeped once, just under 3 minutes, and it produced good results. The tea was strong enough, but not too bitter...I get the sense that this tea would be easy to brew, i.e. would probably taste better with either a longer or shorter steeping.

Better than I expected, although still not up to the level of this brand's (pricier) pyramid sachets filled with loose-leaf tea. Good price too, for an organic and fair trade certified product.

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