Tea: Hibiscus Tea / Sorrel (Té de Flor de Jamaica)

A Hibiscus Tea from Badia

Picture of Hibiscus Tea / Sorrel (Té de Flor de Jamaica)
Style:Hibiscus Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Hibiscus Tea / Sorrel (Té de Flor de Jamaica)

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Delightful tea made from the dried calyx of a hibiscus-type plant. The taste is floral and citrus and the color is ruby red. Red Zinger tea is the name given by Celestial Seasonings but Badia's is much nicer in my opinion.

Online you can find recipes to make a Jamaican version of this tea adding ginger and other herbs but a teabag alone with no additions (I add sugar while it is hot) makes a wonderful tea. Cold, iced sorrel tea (hibiscus tea) is fantastic!

My only problem with it is that I get so addicted to it I drink too much and it upsets my stomach due to too much citrus which I don't tolerate well.

You can also make a Jamaican Punch using this tea and adding rum (and other herbs as well).

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