Review of Breakfast Blend (Morning Rise)

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Wow. This might be the best breakfast tea I've ever tried from a tea bag. This was in a box of Numi tea bags that my friend Emily gave me, thank you so much!

Very aromatic once brewed: the aroma is very complex too: malty, spicy, and with notes of hot chocolate and a hint of roast like black coffee. The overall character is actually closest to black coffee of any tea: the cup is very thick and full-bodied, and the flavor robust. The finish has some vegetal character too, and a hint of the fruity muscatel quality of Darjeelings.

Overall, very balanced.

Resteeps surprisingly well. I like to steep the first cup 5 minutes, and the second around 10, and it was quite bold and still had good complexity in the aroma.

Good but still very expensive for a tea bag, for the price of an 18 count box I could buy a quarter pound of loose-leaf tea of equally good to better quality, or two ounces (more cups worth of tea) of much better tea. I've really been enjoying drinking these up, but I don't think I'd buy them on my own.

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