Review of White Tea (White Peony Tea)

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This tea came from an estate sale (good places to find teas you haven't tried before, really cheap!), in its originally wrapped box.

You know, it's pathetic what some of these highly paid marketing consultants can concoct. I reviewed a loose-leaf Basilur floral tea whose packaging blatantly pandered to romantically deprived ladies with its "Book of Love" narrative, pink plastic bag, and cursive script. This offering shamelessly snuggles up to hipsters looking for New Age spiritual fulfillment or the ultimate in Zen peace from their tea. Come on, Triple Leaf, it's not some transcendent and ethereal experience from otherworldly meditative's dried plant leaves from which you extract flavors and organic chemicals in a 5-minute bath of hot water. That's all.

So does it taste good? That advertorial foolishness aside, this was the first time I had tried "white tea". I'm neither blown away nor disappointed. It tasted like somewhat milder Chinese black, or somewhat stronger Chinese green. Good, not great, reasonably aftertaste, which is a plus, but nothing stands out about the flavor. It would be better if 1.5-2X the strength (that many more leaves, perhaps? bag is rather small).

Don't pay a premium for this, but do accept it as a gift or try it on sale.

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