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A Hojicha from Mood & Mind - O Organic

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I love the quality of the wellness products available at Mood & Mind.
So a while back when I found that they offered a few teas, I immediately ordered their Houjicha.

I was not disappointed. Roasted leaves and twigs smell subtle but also rich.
Brews up a nice brown color with flavors that remind me of Autumn. Toasty, smooth and just very flavorful.
The word "nutty" comes to mind as well.

One of my favorite teas, this is a very nice certified organic Hojicha and I drink it often during the cooler months for it's warming effect.

I don't know the region (China perhaps?), but it could very well be the same tea as Mountain Rose's hojicha. I'll have to do a side by side comparison of the two. Either way, it's wonderful tea.

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