Tea: Estate Blend Tea

A Black Tea from Bromley Tea

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Brand:Bromley Tea
Style:Black Tea
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You could do worse. I got this as a default black tea served at a local breakfast joint in Tulsa (at least they don't use Lipton like seemingly 99.99999% of everyone else!). Yes, it's richer than Lipton (not hard to accomplish), and not bad overall on the flavor side, but with a rather feeble aroma, both in the bag and in the cup.

The cup grew on me as I drank. At first it seemed bland and ordinary, but slowly became reasonably flavorful and stronger with each sip, which is unusual in my experience. It has a hint of malt and surprisingly little bitterness. It's not knock-your-socks-off great, but still pleasant, and beats the mass-produced other-99.99999% default rubbish.

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