Tea: Luxury Blend Tea

A Black Tea from Chai Bora

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Brand:Chai Bora
Style:Black Tea
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I was pleasantly surprised with this teabag; it's just fannings/dust and doesn't look like much, but even the dry teabag is pleasantly aromatic. The name surprised me--I was expecting a kind of spiced tea but then I realized that "Chai Bora" is just the brand name. And "chai" just means tea after all!

The brewed tea has a more complex aroma than I would expect, rather typical for a black tea...on the malty side but with more crispness than an Assam. Moderately tannic but less so than other teabag teas from mainstream brands. Interesting if you want to try a tea solely from Tanzania--these can be hard to come by!

I found the best way to brew this was to make a single 1-minute infusion, and then a second cup with a 2-minute infusion. The second cup was surprisingly flavorful...although the tea in the bag is very fine particles, there's a generous enough quantity that it diffuses slowly.

This stuff isn't easy to obtain, but it's pretty inexpensive, especially relative to how good it is. I'd say this stuff is on par with Foojoy--an inexpensive teabag tea of reasonable quality.

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