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For a couple years, at least, I've seen this offered in WalMart, but haven't dared buy a whole box for fear I'd hate a tea this dirt-cheap in price. Finally I found single, plain-paper-wrapped bags available at a wildlife sanctuary in Nebraska. It was offered in the museum's tea-and-coffee table for folks either stopping in from I-80 to see the exhibits or who (like me) spent a few early morning hours freezing half to death in riverside blinds, while watching and photographing sandhill cranes (not complaining, mind you, the experience is amazing and well worth the shivers). I guess they figure you'll be grateful for any hot beverage under those conditions. :-)

The small bags are well-packed with tea that has been ground practically to dust. Still, my low expectations were met or slightly exceeded. First, it tasted like tea and not some other substance or chemical. That's a fair start. The aroma was weak, the color and flavor each moderate in strength, but the taste rather bland in character. While not competitive in overall flavor with most branded black teas I've tried, it's actually a decent value for the price. I recommend it for those who are addicted to tea and have run out of everything else, and the aisles at WalMart have likewise exhausted all their supply of name-branded teas.

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