Tea: Bold Breakfast

A Black Tea from Dunkin Donuts

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Brand:Dunkin Donuts
Style:Black Tea
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Served at a Dunkin Donuts. I can't help but wonder how much this tea is limited by the fact that it's served in a paper cup; I can smell the cup, it imparts a cardboardy aroma that noticeably diminishes the enjoyment of the tea. Perhaps I'll come back with my own mug next time.

I remember what the old Dunkin Donuts tea tasted like, it was oddly distinctive, and this one is oddly congruent with the old one. I thought the aroma was an improvement on the old one, but this was also sharp and harsh, more so than the old tea which was unusually smooth relative to the strength of its aroma.

At first glance (and first sip) this tea seems lighter than most black teas...it brews a clear reddish cup, and tastes clearer and a bit thin-bodied. There's a harshness in this tea though that I don't like. Although the cup initially seems a little thin, there's a sharp, edgy astringency. I can enjoy this sort of edge when it's in a rich, full-bodied tea like a good Assam or Irish Breakfast, but in this tea I found the astringency unwelcome and unpleasant.

Not a boring tea, but I found it had too many off qualities for me to think it much of an improvement over the old one. It might taste better if steeped for less time; I steeped 3 minutes and I think it was too long. Although they use a high-quality pyramid sachet, the leaf seems finely broken and it infuses fast.

Dunkin sells this tea retail, and it's around $10 a box. Seems horribly overpriced to me, this is not the caliber of tea that justfies such a high price.

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