Tea: Dunmore East Blend Tea

A Black Tea from Simpson & Vail

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Brand:Simpson & Vail
Style:Black Tea
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Review of Dunmore East Blend Tea

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I loved this! This was a very pleasant blended tea that I thought was versatile and took on different characteristics based on varying the amount of leaf I used, but always tasted good. Brewed strong, it was a little like a strong Irish Breakfast tea; a more mild steeping yielded a gentle cup that would make a good afternoon-style tea.

Beautifully fragrant leaf, sweet, complex: fruity, malty, strong, yet suggesting sweetness. Big, intact pieces of leaf.

Upon brewing, flavor is rich and balanced. Naturally quite sweet and savory, just enough bitterness to be pleasant. Both warming and cooling, tastes both deep and fresh at the same time. Beautiful aromatic notes emerge: very vegetal and herbaceous, also malty and slightly floral. There's a hint of spice in the finish.

Simpson & Vail tends to have a particular flavor aesthetic, and I think this tea really captures it. It also reminds me of some high-end Himalayan teas, like from Darjeeling and other nearby regions, not the first flush but the darker teas from this area.

I liked steeping for 3 minutes and then making a second steep, and varying the amount of leaf. The second cup is always potent, with a bold flavor and strong aroma.

I think this tea offers exceptional quality for this price range. If you're going to try a single black tea from Simpson & Vail I would recommend starting with this one.

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