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Effective price at Aldi's just increased 25% via shrinking the packaging. A box of 20 Benner green tea bags now contains only 30 grams of tea instead of the 40 grams it used to contain.

Walmart sells Uncle Lee's green tea bags at half that cost and is a much better deal for a comparable product.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on May 2nd, 2017

That's interesting, I haven't followed this particular product because I tend not to drink store-brand green teas, but I have definitely noticed companies doing sneaky things like this with amounts of packaging before.

To be fair though, 1.5 grams per tea bag is not the lowest among cheap brands of tea, I know a lot of companies that only have 1.2 grams or less. On the other hand, when I brew my own tea I sometimes use much more leaf than that to brew a single cup.

When it comes to green tea though I tend to focus a lot more on quality. I can sometimes stomach low-quality generic black teas, but to me, most cheap green tea bags taste pretty awful. There are some inexpensive loose-leaf green teas though that I like, like the widely-available Temple of Heaven gunpowder, that's pretty drinkable and is cheaper even than these boxes of tea bags, and has mostly intact leaves too.

Difflugia wrote:
on May 3rd, 2017

The main problem I have with Aldi is that they change manufacturers for individual products quite regularly, but keep the same house brand name (in this case, Benner). Their English Breakfast tea changed recently as well, so I suspect a new vendor.

Since Aldi products tend to be hit or miss, it's frustrating to find something I like and then have it change six months or a year later.

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