Review of Tropical White Tea

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Yet another tea from a sampler that my roommate let me try! I was not a fan.

The leaf looks pretty, but doesn't smell great to me. There's an unpleasant smell, reminiscent of those artificial cheese curl snacks that I absolutely hate. Underneath that, the other smells are light and pleasant, floral and meloney, and I'd expect from a lighter white tea. I'm not terribly excited to brew it, but willing to approach it with an open mind.

The brewed cup tastes much better. There is a strong, bold rose flavor, which I love. I wish they could have stuck with just rose and not whatever flavoring I found objectionable. The unpleasant, fake cheesy quality is initially only faintly evident. Probably owing to the rose, the flavor is sharper than most white teas, which I like. I can't really taste or smell the base tea at all.

Overall the flavors are strange and don't seem to blend well at all. I'm not getting a tropical vibe at all. As I drink more of the cup, the irritating cheese-curl smell emerges again.

Pretty bad and I poured it out without finishing it. I wasn't expecting to like this tea very much, and I liked it even less than the green tropics tea. To its credit, it is pretty inexpensive, but even there I wouldn't say it offers good value just because I don't like it.

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