Review of Peppermint White Tea

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First of all, please note that you get only 18 bags per box instead of the customary 20. In other words, you will be shortchanged two bags per box from the start, for a price comparable to (if not higher than) other name-brand organic teas on the store shelf.
This practice detracts decidedly from my "value" rating. I only grabbed a box to try the flavor combination, which I hadn't tested before.

The aroma in-bag is very weak, but strengthens somewhat in-cup. I don't expect white teas to blast my olfactory orifice with powerful pungency anyway, but the peppermint part definitely overwhelms the tea (and isn't very strong itself).

The taste is very smooth, satisfying, pleasant, and mellow, though not as strong as I would like. They seem to use high-quality organic peppermint and white tea, but one only gets half a dose of each in one bag. You probably would be better-served putting one whole bag of white tea, and one of peppermint, in a single cup, as I have taken to doing with drinking peppermint green tea. And do so from a brand that gives you 20 bags per box at a lower price.

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