Tea: Yen Bai Groen

A Green Tea from Simon Lévelt - O Organic

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Brand:Simon Lévelt
Style:Green Tea
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Other Vietnamese teas I've had have been fantastic, so I decided to give this a try.
It's good enough, it's got a little bit of what I love so much about Nam Lanh OP and Pin Ho Jade from De Theefabriek, the flavour I can best describe as "smoldering", especially if you use a generous amount of leaf. It's fine for two steepings, but more than that is not worth it. This one is sweeter and maybe fruitier.
It's not quite as good as Pin Ho Jade, but if you don't hope for it to be something else, Yen Bai Green is quite a good tea.

EDIT: It has a nice strong grassy, slightly bitter bite. If I let it oversteep, it doesn't really get too bitter, but the mouthfeel gets unpleasantly thick. Nowadays I'm not always sure if I can still taste the smouldering flavour.

I have, since reviewing this, acquired a nameless Vietnamese green tea that is a lot like this one, so much so that the two are paired in my mind. This one is a bit more expensive but sweeter, and better in my opinion.

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