Tea: Santikirhi Thaïlande

A Green Tea from Unami

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Style:Green Tea
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I drank this tea in the Unami Maison de Thé in Lille. It was served prepared in a small teapot. This means it was made exactly as it should, though I didn't get to see any leaves.

It tasted fresh, not sweet, and very grassy, with a rich flavour. The tea in the bottom of the pot is always stronger so I got three progressively stronger ups. It's a good tea with a vegetal aroma, though it's pretty expensive.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on July 2nd, 2017

This is confusing, it's called "Chinese Sencha", but it's listed as being produced in Thailand? The text on the website doesn't seem to explain this discrepancy either.

This does look like other green tea though, that I've had, which was produced in Thailand. The long, dark, wrinkly leaves are pretty distinctive, and your description of its flavor makes it sound like I've tried this exact same type of tea before. In my case, it was sold as Thailand Bold Leaf Green Tea (TL66) by Upton Tea Imports.

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