Tea: Organic Oolong Tea

An Oolong Tea from Wei-Chuan - O Organic

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Style:Oolong Tea
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The oversized teabags are individually sealed in mylar and smell fresh when opened. The dry tea leaves are a little more broken than I would expect from high-quality tea. The dominant aroma is of the roast and is nice, but generic.

The roast is also the dominant flavor as is normal for darker oolongs, but I am pleasantly surprised at how much of the underlying tea flavor is present. The tea is pleasantly sweet and still retains the freshness present in lighter oolongs. While roasting is often used to give flavor to low quality tea, that's definitely not the case here. Compared to the wide variety of loose oolongs available, this tea is medium quality, but it's one of the best oolongs available in teabags.

It's slightly more expensive than most grocery store tea, but well worth it.

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