Tea: Natural Green Tea

A Green Tea from Western Family

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Brand:Western Family
Style:Green Tea
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Obtainable mainly in assorted supermarkets across the West, this store-brand green tea tasted about average for a bagged green tea—placing it somewhat above-average for generic/store-brand teas overall. The dry leaves in the bag were quite finely chopped, but still identifiable as leaves! Some stem pieces appeared too, but not so many that it was obvious the maker was using them as filler.

The aroma could have been a little more robust, but the taste was surprisingly identifiable as green tea, if a little bit grassy with somewhat more bitterness than many general-purpose greens. I got this at a motel, and the motel operator certainly could have done worse for the morning snack area. Given the relatively low price of this product in grocery stores, it seems to be a decent option for those who need to save money but still want the benefits of green tea. I wouldn't prioritize it over the best brand-name greens, though.

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