Review of All Natural Tea (Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Tea)

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Maybe my tea-sniffing nose is busted. Perhaps the neural algorithm that processes tea odor has a few lines of code missing, or the broadband line from nose to brain is a tad noisy and leaky. See, most true teas (camellia) don't smell much like they taste to me, or even much like tea a lot of the time, or they have noticeable aromas in chemically unrelated ways (woody, musty, fishy, algal, petro, etc.). However, with this one, it smelled about as it tasted, which was plain and not very strong, but reasonably pleasant -- slightly above-average for bagged Pekoe teas that I've had, with a faint but tolerable bitter veneer. I got this at a truck-stop diner and took an extra bag home, but from what I've seen online, the prices are reasonable, so I gave Red Diamond an above-average value rating as well. For folks who like to make inexpensive iced teas from bags (sun tea, Southern-style sweet tea), this probably would be a worthy choice.

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Plowboy wrote:
on August 29th, 2017

At least you smell something, all I ever smell is tea.

Same with wine, all I taste is grapes.

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