Review of White Rose - Velvet Garden™

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This is a profoundly weird drink, not only because its effluent of rose petals and white tea color-morphs like a chameleon from steel gray to gray-green to brown while steeping.

Velvet Garden or Velvet Elvis? The brew smells faintly like burning incense that used to waft out of a hippie neighbor's 3-room backhouse during the mid-1970s. Drinking this, I almost can hear him through an open window, spontaneously slurring, "psych-oooo-delic, maaaaaan", to no one in particular. It would be interesting to get a review of this tea from someone who drinks it after consuming a few too many dispensary products recently legalized in Colorado.

As for me, I'm not a fan of swallowing something reminiscent of '70s incense, or of the same era's cheap perfume that one can find at some estate sales in dust-encrusted little bottles, and moreover, that tastes like those smells. My first bag was my last. Good thing this came from a variety pack! I only finished the cup out of a sense of duty to give it a fair review here.

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