Tea: Groen Vietnam Ban Lien

A Green Tea from Het Gouden Randje - O Organic

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Brand:Het Gouden Randje
Style:Green Tea
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Review of Groen Vietnam Ban Lien

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I have asked about Vietnamese teas so many times that the owner of Het Gouden Randje ordered this tea! She tells me she likes it too and that she'd already sold some to another customer, and thanked me for the tip. She also advised me to steep it multiple times, at least three.

It's cheap, too; just €5 per 100 g. (I reserve the five star value rating for teas that are really good and incredibly cheap, in the range of 250-500 g packs for just a few euros. Otherwise this would get a full five stars.)

Clearly recognisable as a Vietnamese green tea: sweet; powerful, hard-to-qualify flavour that I might call something like savoury or grassy; has a thick mouthfeel even when it isn't that strong. Fairly typical among Vietnamese green teas; a bit better than others in its price class; a bit cheaper than others in its quality class.

I think it's an excellent tea, though I am biased in favour of my favourite tea shop and very easy to please when it comes to this type of green tea.

(As far as I've been able to figure, this is from Bản Liền in Lào Cai province. Other Vietnamese teas that I've been able to determine the sightly more precise origin of are from Yên Bái province. I still hope to get my hands on green tea from Thái Nguyên, which, I've been told, are the most highly regarded in Vietnam.)

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