Review of Breakfast Blend (Morning Rise)

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Count me in the upper-middle on this one—not quite as impressed as Alex (probably due to my lesser ability to detect subtleties) but certainly not as disappointed as some of the other reviewers further down the list either. It was good, and I'd drink more, for sure...just not for the price, when comparable bagged teas are available for less. Still, you can give me all the Numi Breakfast Blend you want as a gift, and I'll drink it cheerfully. ;-)

I could write almost the identical review for this tea that I did for Trader Joe's English Breakfast, as my across-the-board impression was virtually identical. In summary: very plain but refreshingly strong, obvious Assam influence (though the packaging doesn't state tea sources), no excess bitterness or funky aftertaste. Just a nice, straightforward, dark, rich tea to kick-start the day. The wet bag was full and nicely swollen, showing that the packager didn't skimp on quantity.

Numerically, I bump it down a slight bit from the TJ version's rating due to its higher price (thus lower value) for essentially the same taste and aroma.

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