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A Green Tea from Alghazaleen Tea (Do Ghazal)

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Brand:Alghazaleen Tea (Do Ghazal)
Style:Green Tea
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I couldn't resist the 500 g box, it only cost €4.50 so it's extremely cheap. With such bulk teas from Turkish shops I have sometimes gotten lucky, sometimes not.

This one is drinkable, I guess. It's just very finely broken so I have to be really careful not to oversteep it, it easily gets unpleasantly sour and bitter.

I'm not actually too sure how representative of its taste the cups that I've had are. I pour boiling water over the leaves and then (almost) immediately I pour the tea into my cup. This way it doesn't get sour, but I don't know if I'm getting the full taste experience.

When it doesn't taste like the last young hyson dust from the bottom of the packet, it's a bit sweetish with a not unpleasant generic green tea taste. As in, I can describe it as green tea and not much else.

Not bad when handled with care and it gets points for being so cheap.

EDIT: This is perfect for use in tea recipes; that is, when the taste of the tea itself doesn't matter so much. For example, for milk tea or bubble tea I can shovel huge amounts of this tea into the tea filter without worrying about the price.

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