Tea: Organic Black Tea

A Black Tea from Equal Exchange - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Equal Exchange
Style:Black Tea
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The dry tea in the bags is finely chopped and smells strong and malty, like most grocery store Assam blends.

I steeped it for four minutes in boiling water and the brewed tea is more complex than I expected. The strong malt flavor has chocolate and molasses notes that set it apart from other Assam blends. It's moderately astringent, but has a very light bitterness. It doesn't have quite the depth that I've found in some loose Assam teas, but this tea is at least as good as any grocery store black tea blend.

At around $4 for a 20-count box, Equal Exchange teas are slightly more expensive than grocery store teas, but still competitive. The quality is good for the price and Equal Exchange teas are Fair Trade.

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