Tea: Vietnam Ha Giang Black

A Black Tea from Simpson & Vail - O Organic

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Brand:Simpson & Vail
Style:Black Tea
Region:Ha Giang
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Review of Vietnam Ha Giang Black

8 of 105 of 55 of 585 of 100

A very pleasant tea that was easy to steep and easy to appreciate. Like a good Yunnan tea but a little smoother.

Thank you to Simpson & Vail for the sample!

Dry leaf smells really beautiful and kind of fascinating: malty but with strong vegetal notes. It looks and smells a lot like a Yunnan tea, which makes sense given its origins in North Vietnam near the border with Yunnan.

The brewed cup is rich and dark, with an aroma a little like cocoa or chocolate, malty and slightly spicy, resembling caraway. A little like a Yunnan red or Dian hong (black tea), and also a little like Keemun. As I drink more of the cup, fruity notes emerge. Fairly soft mouthfeel, rich, thick, but gentle. Flavor mild, and slightly sweet. A soothing and mellow tea.

Tastes good with a 3 minute initial steep, but I preferred brewing a little stronger, either 5 minutes or using more than a teaspoon of leaf per cup. Resteeps well. Seems only moderately caffeinated. Very warming, hearty. I think this would be a good tea for a winter afternoon. Very good price. I highly recommend this one, especially to people who like Yunnan teas and who enjoy softer, darker black teas with those chocolately notes.

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