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This probably is the best food-service green tea I've had so far, overall. Travelers should like this if the lodging or conference offers it, as it is comparable to or better than some common name-brand greens. You just need to be patient with it while brewing, and/or use one of the smaller sippy-cups these places tend to provide, and swirl/shake it some to draw out the full taste.

Farmer Brothers Green has a strong dry-bag and wet-bag aroma I've found that is comparable to some loose-leaf teas. The flavor itself was nothing out of the ordinary for basic green tea, no exceptional "notes" or nuances I could detect, either good or bad. This doesn't bother me as long as it's reasonably strong. At first, it is not, but good news: the potency can be teased out. When steeping for just 3-4 minutes, it seems weak for being a fairly generous amount of finely chopped leaves in the bag. However, I cured the weakness by letting it steep 8-10 minutes, an exercise that (remarkably) introduced only the mildest of bitterness, at most.

If you're sitting in a boring meeting or presentation, with some suit and tie blathering on monotonically about "unlocking outside-the-box paradigms for synergistic collaborative initiatives vis-a-vis stakeholder decision-support partnerships", or other such mind-numbing rubbish, but with the bag bathing in cup on the table before you, you'll definitely notice and likely appreciate the intensification of this tea.

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