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The good news is, it ain't that bad. The bad news is, it ain't that good. Hence I'll take a page from the singular member of the Gerry Rafferty greatest-hits collection and rate this "right down the line"—the 50% line, that is.

The dry-bag, wet-bag and in-cup aromas barely exist. Though the base flavor of the beverage itself is rather markedly more noticeable and recognizable as green tea any iteration of the smell, it's bland, even a tad bitter, but tolerable. I recommend using two bags per cup, or adding flavoring such as a bag of peppermint tea, if you're using this make and model of bagged green to infuse really inexpensive green-tea micronutrients into your physiology.

This product is neither offputting nor inspiring in any way. Most food-service green teas I've had are better, and may be available for comparable cost to Great Value's retail price at Wal-Mart, if you're buying in bulk to offer at conferences, seminars, motels, or such.

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