Review of High Mountain Oolong Tea

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Unfortunately, neither the packaging nor website offers any information about the source of this tea. The tea is a lightly fermented, rolled oolong with a light to medium roast.

The tea is rolled very tightly and is rather dense. The dry aroma is of toasted bread and hazelnuts.

I brewed this tea western-style for four minutes in water immediately off the boil. It smells lovely and though the roasted aromas are prominent, it doesn't smell smoky. The unfurled leaves are small and unbroken with almost no twigs or detritus apparent. When tasting the tea, the main notes that I get are caramel, molasses, toasted nuts and leather. The brighter notes of melon, apples and raw walnuts are pleasant, but less prominent than I would prefer. The finish is light caramel and long-lasting making for a good tea to sip and savor.

It's a bit better than I expected for the price (I paid $9 for 100g, but the website lists it at $8 for 150g), but it's not really exceptional.

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