Review of Authentic Green Tea with White Tea

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I drink quite a bit of the decaffeinated version of this tea, but had never tried the regular, caffeinated type and had the opportunity to.

Celestial Seasonings doesn't individually wrap its tea bags, but they are sealed together in a pouch made of waxed paper. The tea in the square, tagless bags is chopped fine.

The tea smells grassy and vegetal like most grocery store green tea, but it has a much different taste than most others. The tea has the slight bitterness of other green teas and maybe a bit more astringency. It's not as fruity as better green tea, but the added white tea adds a pleasant depth that tastes a bit like a jade oolong. The finish lasts remarkably long and has a sweetness that wasn't apparent at first, reminding me of matcha.

Compared to other grocery store teas, this is one of the best that I've tried. Though it can't compare to even medium quality loose teas, it's better than most bagged tea in its price range.

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