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A Black Tea from Farmer Brothers

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Brand:Farmer Brothers
Style:Black Tea
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A very strong black tea that didn't have much going for it other than its strength.

Served at the Gander's Family Restaurant in Luna Pier, MI (super cheap diner with pretty good but very basic diner food! I recommend it more than this tea!) Tea isn't usually the strong suits of these types of restaurants, but I do think they could have done a bit better. If I'm paying over a dollar for a cup of tea, at least serve something as good as Twinings, Bigelow, or any number of other brands. Ideally, I'd like a high-quality black tea like the sorts I like to drink.

This was a low-quality, basic black tea that I'd put in the same category as Lipton, Tetley, and other inexpensive brands.

Flavor is very strong, but aroma is weak. This tea was much stronger in flavor and fuller-bodied than any of its mainstream competitors. But I found it a bit harsh. I like to drink my tea plain: no milk, sugar, lemon, or anything added, but this tea was a bit harsh like this. It may taste better with milk. I found that even alongside an omelet and pancakes, it was too harsh for me.

I'm glad I got to try it though!

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