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A Black Tea from Farmer Brothers

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Style:Black Tea
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I was surprised off the bat by the unexpected aroma from the brewing tea. Instead of an Assam or Ceylon blend, it smells like inexpensive Yunnan teabags like Foojoy. It's smoky, earthy and woodsy.

The flavor reinforces my guess that this blend is predominantly Chinese. Astringent without bitterness, this tea tastes of oak leaves and mild smoke. It's not malty or sweet at all. It has a lingering finish that accentuates the astringency. The flavors fade toward walnuts, pecan skins and cherry bark. This tea's much more flavorful than I expected.

This is really good for food service tea. Most cheap tea is a blend of low quality Assam and Ceylon that toes the line between too bitter and flavorless. This tea is refreshingly different. It lacks the complexity and richness of good Chinese black teas, but it's flavorful and pleasant to drink. I like it.

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