Tea: Hibiscus Tea / Sorrel (Té de Flor de Jamaica)

A Hibiscus Tea from Badia

Picture of Hibiscus Tea / Sorrel (Té de Flor de Jamaica)
Style:Hibiscus Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Hibiscus Tea / Sorrel (Té de Flor de Jamaica)

8 of 104 of 53 of 575 of 100

Good quality, straightforward hibiscus flower tea. Bulk hibiscus flowers are cheap, but quality can be hit or miss. Though many (or even most) blended herbal teas contain hibiscus, few brands offer unblended hibiscus teabags and the ones that do tend to be overpriced.

Hibiscus is tart and fruity, almost like unsweetened Kool-Aid. If it's stale, the fruitiness fades, leaving just sour. The Badia was clearly fresh when packed in the foil pouches and is pleasantly flavored.

While not as cheap as bulk hibiscus petals (often well under a dollar an ounce), $2.49 for 20 Badia teabags is comparable in price to other grocery store herbal teas.

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