Tea: Hu Hong Mao Feng

A Black Tea from TeaSource

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Style:Black Tea
Region:Hunan, China
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Review of Hu Hong Mao Feng

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I ordered this exquisite tea from TeaSource with my first order, and it was both interesting and impressive.

The dry leaf is beautiful, curly and somewhat wiry. It is intensely aromatic and the aroma is beautiful: strongly malty, more like rye than other grains, with a nutty quality a little like peanut butter, but also with floral notes. Multifaceted and very rich.

Brews up a cup that has a surprisingly fresh character and pleasant bite. A lot of teas whose dry leaf smells like this one are on the soft and smooth side, but this produced a more edgy cup which was more to my liking. The aroma is even more complex in the brewed cup, with the floral notes coming out more, as well as some fruity qualities, and hints of sweet cocoa. There are a few spicy qualities, but less than in most Yunnan teas.

I found this tea easy to brew, easy to drink, and easy to appreciate. I always steeped it twice, and I found the timing of the first steep wasn't terribly important...3-6 minutes, it still tasted just fine and there was always flavor left for a second cup. I enjoyed it in morning and afternoon alike, and in any kind of weather, but I found it best in cold weather as it had a rich, warming quality.

You can't beat the price on this either; I've had stuff for 2 or 3 times the price of this one that was similar in overall character but not any better. Unfortunately, it seems to be out of stock already now. I'm glad I got to order it when I did!

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