Review of Pear White Tea (Formerly White Pear)

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This tea was "something else". It was my first nominally pear-flavored tea, but most of the experience was of something else. This was one of the few teas I've tried where the aromas were consistently the same from dry bag to cup to wet bag, but the taste was something else.

I found the aroma remarkably floral, enough that I unsuccessfully searched the dry and wet bag for petals. It wasn't floral in the unmistakable presentations of jasmine, lavender or rose, but more like some diluted combination of lilac, honeysuckle and iris. The taste was tea-dominant, but still more floral than pear-like, though the pear revealed itself much better to tongue than nostrils. If you strip out the flowery and faintly fruity elements, this is remarkably rich for a white tea. I would love to try just the base tea, without the flavorings. I bet it's very good—perhaps better by itself than with the pear/floral veneer, which I found a little disjointed. The tea also was fairly astringent, especially in the aftertaste, where it started to accumulate a little too much "witch hazel" effect after about 30 seconds, resolved either by taking another quick sip, or eating or drinking something else.

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