Tea: English Afternoon

A Black Tea from New English Teas

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Brand:New English Teas
Style:Black Tea
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I found a novelty tin (Buckingham Palace!) of this tea and bought it on a whim. The packaging has EU-style product labeling, but the 2g (instead of typical UK 3g) teabag fill means this was either intended for sale outside the UK, they're cheaping out, or both. The teabags in this tin were collectively sealed in a mylar bag, but like other UK teas, lack strings and aren't individually wrapped.

The dry tea itself appears to be CTC pellets that were then ground to nearly powder. It smells kind of dusty and earthy, like dry oak leaves. The brewing tea smells a bit richer, but not much. The aroma is of sweet, light pastry.

The flavor is mild to the point of being insipid. Slightly malty and lacking any bitterness or astringency, it's inoffensive, but lacks any depth or character. It tastes like the Sri Lankan blends used in many grocery store teas in the U.S. and is strikingly similar to regular Lipton teabags.

Since Lipton tea is some of the cheapest tea one can buy in the U.S., I can see no reason to buy this.

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