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A Black Tea from Ineeka

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Very malty aroma, but smooth flavor, almost sweet, like a smooth Assam. Aroma and dark color of the cup suggests a strong tannic character, but I found this tea to be far from overly tannic. Aroma has a hint of raisins, and some herbaceous tones too. Some bitterness and astringency, but overall, much less than I'd expect from a black tea of this strength.

Similar in overall character to Two Leaves and a Bud's Assam...I think I would slightly prefer this one.

I found this tea is not picky about brewing. A 2 minute infusion is plenty strong, even when brewing more than one cup off a single sachet. However, it can handle a five minute infusion to produce a stronger cup, without acquiring too much astringency. Also, unusual for a black tea, you can make a second infusion (although it is weaker) if you start with a briefer infusion.

Pricing? Bordering on prohibitively expensive...but Ineeka's mission and farming practices could make it worthwhile, if they live up to their ideals. As with their other teas, I'm not a big fan of the sachets, and would rather pay just for the loose tea.

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