Review of African Honeybush, Mandarin and Orange

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The dry bag smells like canned mandarin oranges and the infusion smells like orange soda.

The flavor is slightly more complex. I get some of the toasty woodiness of the honeybush and the flavor's nice, but is weak and a bit stale tasting. It's mediocre all around in that there are higher quality herbals and better-tasting flavored infusions even within Twinings' own offerings.

I bought this because I like honeybush and hoped that the flavoring might complement it, or at least not detract from it. Neither the honeybush nor the added flavor is particularly enjoyable and the combination is merely the sum of its parts. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange has a brighter and fruitier orange flavor and is roughly the same price. I've never had a bagged honeybush, but this is far inferior to any of the bulk offerings I've tried.

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