Review of Tanzania Luponde Black Organic Tea FOP

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This was one of the higher-quality teas I've tried from Tanzania, pleasing to drink, unique and interesting, also extraordinarily value-priced.

The dry leaf has a pleasant and potent aroma, malty and with a hint of caraway and fruity notes. The leaf is on the intact / whole side of what I would expect for the FOP grade. It's refreshing to get orthodox teas out of Tanzania as most of what they make is finely-broken CTC stuff that is not as complex aromatically.

The brewed cup is rather brisk, with a nice body and depth. The aroma is strong, fruity and malty but in a different way from an Assam, a bit fresher and brighter; overall this tea has a decisively African character, tasting a lot like other teas I've tried from Tanzania, as well as other countries including Kenya, Malawi, and Rwanda. There is a slight tannic harshness, but it's easily overlooked and perhaps appreciated if you are looking for a strong cup. The flavor is balanced and rich: lightly bitter, also sweet and savory, and slightly sour. If you brew it strongly, there is a wintergreen note in the finish which I really like, that is one of my favorite aromatic qualities in tea, and it's often an indicator of me liking how I feel after drinking the tea, and this one is no exception.

The resteep is just as good as the first steep. I always steep this tea twice and am always happy with the second cup. The wintergreen notes often still come out in the second cup, which I especially like.

The price on this is unbeatable. 4 ounces for $8.60? For orthodox tea of decent grade and this quality, that's a steal. The sample is also a great deal: $2.45 for a full ounce! Try this one when you order from S&V. It is worth trying it just as a novelty, but if you like strong teas you might want to order more of this.

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