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A Green Tea from Stash Tea

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Brand:Stash Tea
Style:Green Tea
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Aroma grassy, fresh, a bit fishy. There's a hint of sweetness...a lot of astringency though. More like a sencha than any other kind of green tea. Is this tea attempting to be a sencha?

This tea is very difficult to brew. It scalds easily if the water is too hot, leaving it bitter and sour; there are a generous amount of leaves but they are very fine particles and infuse very quickly...for a single cup, 2 minutes is almost too long and results in an overpowering cup. I would recommend either brewing a small pot with one teabag, or using only 1 minute for one cup and making a second infusion later.

I'm not sure this is a good choice for a mainstream brand's default "green tea"; other brands have gentler teas that are easier to brew well. But if you brew it properly it's quite enjoyable.

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