Review of Fair Trade True Green Tea

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I brewed with water at a lower temperature, but other than that I brewed as instructed.

Aroma strongly suggestive of cinnamon, unusual for a green tea. Lacks the grassy qualities inherent in many green teas, but the aftertaste is similar to the aftertaste left by sencha. Overall though, aroma is weak. If "subtle in flavor" means somewhat bland, they hit the nail on the head in the commercial description.

The cup is quite bitter though, and a bit heavy. It also has a sour taste at the bottom of the cup.

I'm surprised to find a single-region, organic, fair-trade tea, pinned down to the level of an individual county, offered by a store-brand like this. But the quality of this tea I found to be sorely disappointing. I would likely not drink this tea even if I had nothing else available; I'd prefer water.

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