Tea: Earl White

A Flavored White Tea from Bentley's Tea

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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Brand:Bentley's Tea
Style:Flavored White Tea
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Review of Earl White

6 of 103 of 53 of 560 of 100

Strong bergamot aroma, with a much more citrusy quality than a typical Earl Grey. The aroma is almost lemony and suggests sweetness. Flavor is delicate and lightly sweet. The white tea presence is weaker but is still present. The white tea has a lighter character. This was not what I was expecting, but is very pleasant.

Is this the "Champagne of teas" as it claims? I think that's a bold statement...but at the same time it's reminiscent of a certain "Champagne of beers", Miller high life. I certainly think this is two (or more) notches up from that, in my opinion, undrinkable brew. So kudos to Bentley's Tea for backing up that claim with some quality, unlike their counterpart in the world of beer.

Not much tea in the teabag--really only suitable for a single infusion of a single cup, which places this one on the expensive side. (Comparable in price to, say, Two Leaves and a Bud, which is about twice the price but has about twice the leaf in the bag)

I think some people would really like this tea. I enjoyed it but I would have appreciated a little more strength--I tend to like the darker white teas. Compare to Twinings' Lady Grey--I strongly prefer this one. It's like a lighter and slightly more complex version of that one...surprisingly similar in overall quality though even though that one has a black tea base.

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