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A Yerba Maté from Mate Factor - O Organic

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Brand:Mate Factor
Style:Yerba Maté
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Review of Loose Fresh Green Yerba Mate

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Very good in the end, but I found this one tough to brew properly. The package gives several different ways of preparing, but doesn't specify brewing instructions in much detail. For tea-like brewing, which I used, the package gave the vague and broad recommendation of 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per cup, and steeping to desired strength. I found 1 teaspoon per cup was very weak. It took some experimentation to finally settle on using about two teaspoons per cup and steeping with boiling water for 10 minute or more. I find that if the water is not hot enough, the flavor doesn't really come out.

I've had other green Yerba mate, such as that from Upton, that is much stronger, requires less leaf and shorter steeping times to bring out a similar flavor, and is able to be infused multiple times. This is the weakest green Yerba mate I've tried yet, but when you brew it stronger, it comes out tasting very rich and pleasing.

Brewed the way I like, I find this is very sweet. Even though it is unsmoked and not aged, it still has an aroma suggesting smoke or tobacco.

Price is exceptionally reasonable, even considering that so much leaf is needed. This is especially true given that this mate is certified organic and is produced in a more sustainable manner than most bulk Yerba mate.

In terms of flavor alone though? I prefer Upton's green Yerba mate. But as this is both organic and more reasonably priced, I'd be much more inclined to buy this brand. Also, although this is good, I strongly prefer the roasted mate from this brand. I found it to be outstanding, and it's my favorite yerba mate so far.

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