RateTea Social Networking Icons

Last Updated: Jun. 5, 2014
This page shows social networking icons for RateTea. You can use these graphics to link to RateTea from the header, footer, sidebar, or other location in a website.

For tea companies, we recommend linking these graphics to your brand's page on RateTea. For bloggers, we recommend signing up and creating an account, and linking these graphics to your profile.

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Light Green
RateTea Icon
RateTea IconRateTea IconRateTea IconRateTea Icon
GreenRateTea IconRateTea IconRateTea IconRateTea Icon
Grayish Green:RateTea IconRateTea IconRateTea IconRateTea Icon

Want an icon different from those shown here?

We will be glad to design you an icon to fit within the look-and-feel of your website. Contact us, letting us know what dimension of icon you want, and/or where on your website you wish to place the icon, and we will send one that is a better match for your needs.
RateTea logo
The RateTea logo consists of a green R and T, with the T a darker color, and leaves sprouting from the base of the T.

You can also make your own graphics:

A higher-resolution square version of the RateTea logo is visible on the right. You can use this graphic to construct your own social networking icons. If you do this, we ask that you follow the following guidelines so that people recognize the logo as the RateTea logo:

Keep in mind that the RateTea logo, both in its extended and square forms, is a trademark of RateTea, owned by Merit Exchange LLC. You may modify the logo only as permitted in the description above. You are licensed to use this to link to the site, but you may not use it for any other use except that permitted as fair use under trademark law.

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