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Last Updated: May. 13, 2019

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About Cain's

Cain's is a brand of generic black tea sold in tea bags. Cain's was founded in 1919 and was originally based in Oklahoma. In 1999, their OK factory closed. During this time, the brand passed through the ownership of various different foodservice companies, including Nestle, Chock Full O'Nuts, and Sara Lee.

The brand was acquired by Farmer Brothers in 2008 as part of its acquisition of Superior Coffee, the company that owned the Cain's brand.

Many of the recent owners of this brand have largely ignored it, and it has persisted primarily due to momentum from existing customer bases and businesses carrying it.

The tea brand is still sold under its own original label, but Farmer Brothers does not maintain any information about this brand on their website. Owing to its Oklahoma roots, the brand is still sold in some stores and served in some cafes in the state. A special thanks to our user Tchuggin' Okie for helping us to discover the history of this brand.

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Tchuggin' Okie
(227 reviews)
50 / 100
Picture of Naturally Decaffeinated Tea

Naturally Decaffeinated Tea

Style: Black Tea – Region: ?????
Jul. 29th, 2019

Finely chopped, decaf, food-service black teas in wax-paper wrappers don't inspire a great deal of confidence, so I guess this offering managed to exceed my low expectations.

I got a few of these as a restaurant and took one home to brew in good water, for fairness' sake, since the cafe was in a town with sketchy wa...

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73 / 100
Picture of Ultra Select Green Tea

Ultra Select Green Tea

Style: Green Tea – Region: ?????
May. 15th, 2019

First off, thanks for the props on the backstory of this tea, Alex. It's a fascinating look into how brands bounce hither and yon. Somehow, someone under the Farmer Brothers umbrella still is making Cain's teas, and the ones I've had aren't duplicates of the corresponding Farmer Brothers products so far.

One suc...

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