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First off, thanks for the props on the backstory of this tea, Alex. It's a fascinating look into how brands bounce hither and yon. Somehow, someone under the Farmer Brothers umbrella still is making Cain's teas, and the ones I've had aren't duplicates of the corresponding Farmer Brothers products so far.

One such non-duplicate is this green tea, which is not easy to find, even here in its traditional home state, but a few (mostly local, small-town) stores and restaurants do offer it and have for decades. The dry-bag aroma is modest, but stronger than many green teas. Despite the leaves being finely chopped, characteristic of most food-service teas, I saw only a couple of small stem shards in the bag—less stem material than in most name-brand green bags I've tried.

The cup brews a nice, clear amber, with a mild and pleasant flavor. I steeped this a few minutes too long, and it still didn't come out bitter. The taste would be more robust with about 1/3 more tea, for which there's certainly room, based on wet-bag expansion. The aftertaste lasts longer than most straight green teas I've had, but it's pleasant and not stale. Neither is the wet-bag aroma, which is fairly clean and straightforwardly "green tea" in nature, not fishy or algal. I wish the packaging gave the origin of this tea, because I bet the loose-leaf, more-recently shipped version from whatever estate produces it is pretty good. As it is, this tea is about on par quality-wise with Farmer Brothers' own branded green tea (which I rated moderately well), but noticeably different, especially in scent and aftertaste.

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