Photo of Packaging of Organic Masala Chai Black Tea from Wegmans by Alex Zorach

Blend of black tea leaves with green cardamom pods, cloves, and some other dried chunks of spicesView Full Resolution

Wegmans Masala chai shows loose-leaf black tea with ample spices in the mix. The most visible are green cardamom pods, but iif you look closely you can also see cloves and black peppercorns, and some other ingredients as well. I think the dark, flat flecks are cinnamon bark, and the more curly, lighter chunks are dried ginger root.

I was unable to get an ingredient list for this, but I suspect this is actually the same tea as Rishi Tea's masala chai, which includes cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, and organic cloves. The ingredients certainly fit with what I see pictured here!

Either way, I love both this tea and Rishi's, and I highly recommend both of them.

This image is featured in our article on Chai / Spiced Tea.

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