Tea Garden Ithaca

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Tea House or Tea Bar

133 Jersey Hill Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 272-1080


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Address is Jersey Hill Rd. Tea Garden is in the hills south of Ithaca. It is a Japanese tea house and garden. There are short nature walks and a pond which you visit before tea, to prepare your spirit for the tea ceremony. The Tea master is a woman who has studied tea ceremony for many years both here and in Japan. She is very serene and pleasant and answers all your questions if this is a new experience for you. The ceremony is one of great specificity, but is charming and calming. If you are not a floor sitter, say so in advance and there will be benches provided. When I was there last it was only $12, in cash, a real bargain for something that is very special and leaves you feeling calm and serene., with a real appreciation for tea ceremony.

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