RateTea Profiles

If you sign up for a free account with RateTea, you can create a profile viewable to the public.

Want to promote your tea blog or website?

After you have written a few reviews and your account has been approved, your profile will then display live links to your tea blog and website. We will also allow you to link each review on RateTea to a more detailed review on your tea blog or website. People who enjoy reading your brief ratings and reviews on RateTea can then follow the links from your reviews or your profile to read more detailed reviews and postings on your tea blog or website.

If you are an established tea blogger with a history of tea reviews on your blog, we will approve your account ASAP even before you write any reviews here. Simply sign up and enter your tea blog URL in your profile.

Even before your account is approved, the URL of your blog will still be displayed on your profile--just as text instead of as a live link.