Mrs Robinson's Tea Shop

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Tea Shop - sells its own brand of tea

108 N Union St
Kennett Square, PA 19348
(484) 732-8140


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I was really excited to find this adorable little tea shop in the heart of downtown Kennet Square. The people running the shop were really friendly. The tea itself disappointed me though.

I think this place could do a better job of sourcing and pricing its teas. There was a fairly large selection, but I wasn't impressed with the freshness or smell of the teas, particularly the pure teas, for sale here. I also thought the prices were very high relative to the quality. For example, on their website, I see a lot of teas for sale for $20 and up, for a quarter pound--this sort of price is understandable if you're buying single-estate artisan tea fresh after harvest. But this place's stock seems to have been sitting around for a while, and I'm not convinced the teas they stock are such quality to warrant such prices to begin with. I think you can buy teas of comparable quality and freshness to what is carried here, for about a quarter the price, or possibly even less.

I did purchase two samples of what I thought was freshest and highest-quality: the Irish Breakfast black tea, and chamomile, and I thought the Irish Breakfast was quite good. It's incidentally one of their cheapest teas.

I also have noticed that this place's online store is not really there yet...the prices display as $0 until you click through to the actual tea. I usually recommend people to hold off on launching or linking to their online stores.

If I were going to give this place recommendations, I would advise them to start shopping around and sampling more teas, possibly getting a new supplier, if price is the issue. If not (and if their prices are due to a high markup) then I'd recommend revisiting their business model--perhaps trying to go for lower prices and sell higher quantity. I know this may be hard because Kennett Square is not exactly a bustling metropolis, but it's a cute town, and if this place had better prices, I might be advertising it to all my friends, or even driving out of my way to stop by.

I also might advise them to pare down their catalogue, or perhaps the quantity of each tea stocked, to get higher turnover. If they had fewer teas, they might be able to keep the tea fresher by having them sell out more quickly.

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It's a cute tea-themes shop but shop of the teas seem old - they do not turn over their merchandise very frequently. That said - a great place for tea accessories and gifts for tea lovers. Maybe just not the tea itself - although I caved and bought a few loose varieties.

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